The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation Scholarship Program was created in 1999 with awards ranging from $500 - $2,500 for Vicksburg High School graduates who wish to pursue further education for their life's goals. These one-year scholarships may be used either for vocational, 2-year or 4-year programs.

There are currently 20 permanently endowed scholarships:

  • Lewis W. Maher ($1,000 - one available) 
    Must be a student planning a career in the skilled trades. Strong consideration will be given to a student who has overcome obstacles to succeed in school. 2018 Recipient: Brandon Thompson
  • Gordon and Dorothy Daniels ($2,000 - one available) 
    Applicants should present a strong resume of volunteerism and service to community along with academic achievement. 2018 Recipient: Rebecca Crawley 
  • Ana Resseguie-Barnes ($500 - one available) 
    For a student who maintains a 3.5 or better GPA and has demonstrated a strong level of school involvement, good character, and citizenship. 2018 Recipient: Rachael Brewer 
  • Letha Munn ($500 - one available) 
    For a student with solid academic achievement and plans for a career in elementary teaching. 2018 Recipient: Samantha Trimble
  • Louise Reed ($1,000 - one available) 
    For a student with a solid academic record, a strong record of community service, and career plans in healthcare. 2018 Recipient:  Jacob Wisser 
  • Patrick and Lynn Vallier ($500 - one available) 
    For a student with a strong record of school and community involvement and service. 2018 Recipient: Ben Green 
  • Stanley Weinberg Farms ($1,000 - one available) 
    For a student who has a high level of involvement and achievement in agriscience or veterinary science and who plans to pursue a higher education degree in one of these fields. 2018 Recipient: Kailey Kamrowski 
  • Lloyd (Todd) Cantwell ($500 - one available) 
    For an honor student pursuing a BA/BS degree in the medical field (including research, practice, clinical, etc.). 2018 Recipient: Nicholas Dilly
  • John W. Fritz ($500 - one available) 
    For a student with post secondary education plans and career goals in agri-science, natural resources, animal science, or related fields. 2018 Recipient: Kody Fruehauf
  • Jeremy Smith ($1,000 - one available) 
    For a student who demonstrates outstanding character, perseverance, and commitment through involvement in high school activities such as athletics, band, and in their class work, while striving to maintain approximately a B average. 2018 Recipient: Hunter Myers
  • Vicksburg Foundation ($2,500 - six available) 
    For students who have good academic credentials along with other accomplishments that distinguish their high school career. 2018 Recipients: Lauren Burke, Autume Locey, Emmaline Miller, Morgan Preston, Alexander Smith and Emily Towns
  • Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation ($1,000 - two available) 
    For students who have good academic credentials along with other accomplishments that distinguish their high school career. 2018 Recipients: Jess Schmidt and Conner Seifert            
  • The Appell Family Scholarship ($2,500 - one available) 
    For a student with a strong background in science and math, strong level of community and school involvement (including extracurricular activities). 2018 Recipient: Clara Schriemer
  • David T. Reisterer Memorial Scholarship ($2,500 - two available) 
    For a male baseball and a female softball player who maintains at least a 3.0 GPA and is interested in pursuing a career in math or history. 2018 Recipients: Avery Slanzik and Caleb Conklin                                                                                                                                                       
  • The Oswalt Family Farms Scholarship ( $1,000 - one available)                                         For a student pursuing training in the construction/building or automotive trades, demonstrating aptitude and a commitment through his or her high school coursework, training, and possible job experiences.   2018 Recipient:  Wyatt McClish                                      
  • The Oswalt Family Music Scholarship  ( $1,000 - one available)                                              For a student who demonstrated excellence in musicianship and a commitment to the vocal or instrumental music program(s) at VHS. The recipient is pursuing a four year degree in music education, performance, or composition.    2018 Recipient:  Paxton Earl


How to Apply - Applications must be returned to the Vicksburg High School Guidance Office by May 1 of your year of graduation. Selections will be made by designated members of the Vicksburg School Foundation's Board of Directors. Announcement of recipients will be made at the Vicksburg High School Seniors' Honors Reception.  

Questions?  Call Beth O'Roark @ (269) 321-1006.

Scholarship Application