Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grants

The Teacher Incentive Grant Program has been supporting special teacher training, high tech equipment and unique innovative programs at Vicksburg Community Schools since 1986. 

The purpose of this grant is to fund individual research and personal/professional development activities that will result in new teaching and learning practices. The grant can also be used to purchase materials necessary for implementation of creative and innovative teaching and learning practices where those materials are outside of the scope of normal curriculum materials, supplies or equipment supplied by the District. 

The Grant's name is an acknowledgment of the contributions of Maxwell Bardeen. Max was the longtime General Manager of Vicksburg's Lee Paper Company, one of the founders of the Vicksburg Foundation and the Western Michigan University Paper Science & Engineering Department. He was a pilot who also helped start-up the High on Kalamazoo Air Show and a champion of the Vicksburg Community Schools and Vicksburg Teachers. 

In 1994 when Maxwell Bardeen passed away, both the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation and the Vicksburg Foundation voted to expand their support of the Teacher Incentive Grant Program. In acknowledging Max Bardeen and his family as founders of the program, it was officially renamed the Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grant Program. Simultaneously, the Vicksburg Foundation made a five year renewable commitment to the fund and increased their annual donation from $7,500 to $10,000. The Vicksburg Community Schools is grateful to Max Bardeen for his vision and long-standing commitment to the students and teachers of Vicksburg. We are also grateful to the Vicksburg Foundation for supporting teacher innovation and excellence. 

The Vicksburg Foundation makes grant funding available in the amount of $10,000 each year. Grant awards are generally limited to $1,000 each although exceptions may be considered based upon the merit of the project proposal and funding availability. That amount may be supplemented by District or private funds.

Grant Guidelines

Expenditures for meals and mileage should fall within District guidelines (meals that are included in conference registration cost would be an exception). 

Teaches may include expenses for equipment, supplies and materials; however, all items purchased with grant funds become the property of the District. 

Individual teachers may apply each year; however, previous year recipients may receive lower priority in the allocation of grant funds. (The VCSF reserves the right to fund any special funding request throughout the year.) 

The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation Allocations Committee reserves the right to recommend funding for a portion of a grant request.

How to Apply

Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grant forms are available in each school office. It is also available for download here. If you have any questions, please call Beth O'Roark @ (269) 321-1006.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted annually and due by March 1st.

PDF DocumentDownload Application

2017 Grant Recipients

Terri Negri and Margo Staunton
Attended the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The AASL Conference provides media specialists with up-to-date information on newly published children’s and young adult literature, innovative educational technology, trends in coding, robotics, makerspaces, and lessons to promote critical thinking.

Laura Chang
Purchased the Rocket Wave Smart Notebook, Osmo Genius Kit, Osmo Coding, Osmo Creative Set Monster, and Osmo Pizza Company software, along with an Apple iPad Mini.  The level of student engagement increases dramatically when technology is introduced into learning because it bridges physical, hands-on learning with digital learning.

April Zapata
Purchased and implemented the Rocket Math program as a classroom intervention for math fact automaticity.  This is not a game, but rather, a method of sequential leaning with embedded cumulative review.

Dustin Morris
Attended the Michigan School Vocal Music Association’s summer workshop.  This three day event included sessions presented by master teachers, university choral directors and other choral music experts.  Sessions focused on practical topics and materials for use in the choral music classroom.

Adam Brush
Purchased a Varidesk.  Research has shown that stand up desks can improve mood, energy levels and boost productivity.  There are also health benefits to sitting less hours per day.

Michelle Simmons, Dawn Simpson, Zach Wierenga, Brendan McCaw
A technology package was purchased which included an Apple iPad with case, tripod, green screen kit, microphone, Green Screen and iMovie Applications needed for students to create video projects related to their classroom curriculum.

Krista Wilson
Purchased assorted fiction and non-fiction audio books and an Apple iPad mini to download reading material.  The goal is to have students use technology and high level audio books to improve their listening, comprehension and processing skills.

Nichole Wisinski
A team of Indian Lake Teachers attended the 2017 National PBIS Leadership Forum, Systems for Enhancing Climate and Culture.  The benefits of implementing PBIS include the reduction of problem behaviors, increase in student engagement, improved academic performance and improved family involvement.

Michael Barwegen
The implementation of a Summer AR/IXL Program at Tobey Elementary to prevent “Summer Slide.”  Students were allowed to access books, electronic devices, and work with teachers/volunteers to complete their planned reading/science/social studies/math progression.

Scott Wills
The Vicksburg High School DECA Chapter attended the 2017 Michigan DECA State Conference.  This conference allowed the students to network with other schools and businesses to form partnerships, and learn how other schools operate their DECA Chapters.

Jennifer Baldwin and Amy Dunn
Microsoft Surface Pros were purchased to assist the Behavior Specialist and School Psychologist in conducting observations, writing reports, collecting data, parent meetings, and support plans.