Tobey Elementary School

8551 East Long Lake Dr.
Scotts, MI 49088

Severe Weather & Tornado Policy

All School closings and delays are announced via the District's Instant Alert System. The following radio and TV stations also announce this information: WWMT-TV, WUHQ-TV, WOOD-TV, WKZO, WKMI, WQLR, WMUK, WLKM, WNWN, AND WOOD-FM.

Please do not call the radio or television stations for the school for closing information as all lines must be kept open for further communication. In the event of an early closing, your child will be sent to the location previously arranged with the school's office. Please take a few minutes and review with your child your early closing arrangements. This will help eliminate some anxious moments for everyone.

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The following procedures apply to all school buildings within the Vicksburg Community Schools District:

  1. When a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch is issued, the District will continue normal activities but move recess and physical education activities indoors.

  2. A TORNADO WARNING (which means that a tornado has either been sighted or considered to be imminent in the warned area), students will remain in school, along with staff in pre-designated shelter areas, until the warning has been canceled. In the event of a TORNADO WARNING prior to the start of school, school will be canceled or delayed as appropriate.

  3. A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING (which means that severe weather has been observed or is considered imminent in the warned areas), students will remain in school with staff. If conditions become sufficiently severe as to create a concern for safety, building principals may direct students and staff to pre-designated tornado shelter areas until the warning has been canceled.

  4. Parents are requested not to come to school for their children during tornado or severe thunderstorm watches or warnings, as this may lead to confusion and emotional hysteria.

  5. If a tornado watch or warning is issued prior to any after-school activity involving students, the activity shall be canceled immediately and, in the event of a tornado warning, all people on the premises will be directed to take shelter in pre-designated shelter areas.

  6. If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued prior to or during any outdoor after school activity involving students, the activity shall be canceled immediately. Indoor activities shall continue as scheduled.

  7. EMERGENCY DISMISSALS can occur due to mechanical and/or power failure and other inclement weather. Those dismissals will be handled as follows: Walking students and those with their own transportation will be dismissed first. Bus students will remain with teachers and be dismissed as soon as their bus arrives, according to regular dismissal schedule. (Secondary first, then elementary students.)

  8. If school is closed due to any form of inclement weather, student activities may be canceled. Announcements to the effect that the activity has been canceled will occur over local radio stations. NO ANNOUNCEMENT will indicate that the activity will be held.
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