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Athletic Hall of Fame

The Vicksburg Athletic Hall of Fame is our community's way of recognizing former Vicksburg athletes, coaches, and others who have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics.

How are selections made?

Hall of Fame Members are selected by a committee of five, consisting of four members of the Vicksburg Boosters Club and the the Vicksburg High School Athletic Director. The maximum number of individuals who can be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year is also five.

The nominations please...

Anyone in the community may nominate an individual for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Between January 1 and May 1 of each calendar year, any member of the Boosters of the Vicksburg community will accept nominations. The nominations can take place at Boosters Club meetings, or can be submitted in writing to the VHS Athletic Director.

To download a nomination form (PDF) and get more details in the Hall of Fame process, click here

The Vicksburg Athletic Hall of Fame

Larry Peck 2017
Molly Waterhouse 2017
Jon Kachneiwicz 2017
Lyle Harrison 2016
Steve Dougherty 2016
Mike Cloney 2016
Dr. Tom Willmeng 2015
Missy Guetschow Mirchie 2015
Jack McCauley 2015
Denny Burns 2015
Bob Devers 2014
Megan Brink Danielson 2014
Ann Maltby 2014
Dale Simonton 2014
Cy Hildebrand 2013
Frank Holmes 2013
Bruce Markens 2013
Katie Polasek 2013
Jerry Wesoloski 2012
Mike Hill 2012
Scott Plankenhorn 2012
Erica Austin 2012
Mike Blough 2011
Gary Cooper 2011
Joe Krill 2011
Vern Hazard 2011
Sarah Roberts Marks 2011
Randy Jensen 2009
Bristol Shutes 2009
Carrie Cunningham-Ward 2009
Scott Kelly 2009
Travis Cardinal 2008
Tracy Lovell (Hume) 2008
Ed Bloomberg 2008
Mike Harrison 2008
Grubka, Larry 2007
Fox, Ken 2007
Annen-Caruso, Deb 2007
Schutter, Paul H. 2005
Oaks, Aaron 2005
Miller, Tim 2005
Knapp, Ed 2003
Hallam, Maurice "Bud" 2003
Noble, Swift 1998
Hirdning-Percy, Kelly 1998
Grinder, Dick 1998
Appell, Lloyd Dr. 1998
Livezy, Tom 1996
Horn, Tom 1996
Boelman, Toni 1996
Hosner, Jack 1994
Burns, Rusty 1994
Barrett, Steve 1994
Jubb, Wanda 1993
Frost, Lee 1993
Dorbin, Frank 1993
Munn, Mercer 1992
Hosner, John 1992
Barber, Bernard 1992
Shirk, Andy 1991
Pursel, Bob 1991
Hirdning, Karla 1991
Ackerman, Chuck 1991
Northrop, Bill 1990
Hosner, Jim 1990
Cantwell, Lloyd "Tod" 1990
Brockway, Evelyn 1990
Lude, Ron 1989
Little, Susan 1989
Decker-Boyd, Melanie 1989
Cohrs, Bill 1989
Appell, Bonnie 1989
Stafinski, Frank 1988
Gembis, Joe 1988
Charles, Monte 1988
Bishop, Steve 1988
Appell, Robert "Rob" 1988
Varker, Tracy 1987
Lude, Mike 1987
Linton, Whitey 1987
Gembis, George 1987
Clark, Meredith 1987

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