Vicksburg Community Schools

Welcome to the Vicksburg Community Schools

Thank you, Vicksburg voters, for turning out in droves for the May 5th election. Our local results contributed to the county-wide pas sage, showing great confidence in our schools, and compassion for our students. County dollars will again pay for special education costs, creating more opportunities for all students.

We are also pleased to have struck a balance in our agreement with custodial staff. As we look for ways to economize and shift more limited resources to the classroom, we are finalizing a contract with a private vendor that will retain jobs until current staff retires or leaves. This allows the District to achieve long term savings gradually through attrition. This collaborative outcome promotes stability and fiscal responsibility.

We have staff working with summer school and summer camps. Meanwhile, contractors are replacing roofs and parking lots. Summer is a very busy time in the school calendar, and a very exciting time, as we take stock of our achievements and begin to look ahead to even greater accomplishments next year.

Charles Glaes, Superintendent